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Vape Vault's Nicotine Recommendations
This is only a recommendation of what Vape Vault believe is the best nicotine out there for your vaping needs. Vape Vault holds no responsibility for what happens to you or your nicotine or your prescription.
Nicotine MUST be stored in the FREEZER, and you MUST wear gloves when handling the substance also be sure to keep it out of reach from children as it is a very toxic substance when in its raw form.
The answer is NO!! So, what is happening?
As of October 1st, 2021, regulations on importing nicotine into Australia are changing, and Australian vapers will be required to have a valid medical prescription to legally access nicotine e-Liquids. Technically, on the state level, most Australian vapers have always required a prescription to import and possess nicotine. From October 1, the Australian government is simply formalising this requirement on a national level. This change is following a reclassification from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) making nicotine e-liquids a Schedule 4 (prescription only) substance late last year.
There are two online websites that we recommend you get your nicotine prescription from:
 How it works:
            You will be asked about your medical and smoking history (This should
take 5 minutes at most) they will then ask you about your age (2 mins,18+).
Once you submit your application you will be shown an online cart were
your “order” will be shown ($85) It will then ask you to proceed to checkout.
You will then be asked to log in or create an account, where you will then be
able to pay via PayPal, or Card (all common were shown) A Doctor will then
review your information and issue you with a prescription (could take 24 hours)
 once the doctor has reviewed your information your prescription will be issued.
Any issues or concerns you can contact quit clinics via email at support@quitclinics.com
 How it works:
Step 1:
 Scan the QR Code and make a telephone appointment that best suits
your schedule. (No more sitting in waiting rooms)
Step 2:
 Speak to the doctor who’s rung you about your quit smoking goals
and receive expert advice tailored to your needs.
Step 3:
Receive your script via email, purchase your 100mg/ml Nicotine and
get it delivered straight to your door. *You can purchase Nicotine from
Vape Scripts which is then drop shipped to your house.
If you have any concerns with the prescription, please contact Vape scripts or ask our team for a pamphlet.
We always recommend you get prescribed 100mg/ml as this will give you a wider range of juice selection in our local stores. If you do not want to mix it yourselves as this can be quite daunting, you can always bring it to any of our Vape Vault stores. Our team can advise you (The customer) on safe usages of liquid Nicotine. (No Nicotine is stored on site, we do not gift, sell or supply either in any form.)
Once you have received your prescription, we recommend you purchase your nicotine from Vapoureyes New Zealand.
 $50NZD 125ml of 100mg Smooth Nicotine Salts.
$35NZD 125ml of 100mg 100%PG Nicotine Freebase.
If you would like a second option Vape scripts also have a pharmacy that you can purchase nicotine online from.
 $50AUD 100ml of 100mg salts or freebase
$60AUD 10x 10ml 18mg, 36mg or 72mg Salts or freebase – these are used to just pour straight into your juice. vape scripts have tables of what strength you will get when mixing these Nic shots into your e-liquids.
If you are unsure of what nicotine to purchase, you can always contact us at admin@vapevault.com.au and we can send you the specific link, so you don’t purchase the wrong one. Or you can call any of our stores during opening hours and our team will be happy to have a chat.