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Welcome to Vape Vault your intergalactic Vault retreval specialists...the creators of Vault Box!

What's Vault Box you say... It's a precious collection of e-juice that's been locked away in hidden Vaults from all over the known galaxy that have been scoured and retrieved for your vaping pleasure. Vape Vault have worked tirelessly to bring you only the best Aussie and imported juice brands with an almighty lineup that will keep you raiding the Vaults and unlocking their many treasures through the depths of time itself. 

Vape Vault also develop and create our own juice brands, starting out with the Vape Vault OG line which is a fruit lovers dream and the very new Chocolatier Vape Co. for the chocolate lovers among us. We also have a house juice line available now and will only be sold in-store so ask the Vault Crew about it next time you're visiting the shop.

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