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Battery Safety

What you need to know about battery safety when it comes to using you vape device.

Let’s start off my saying Lithium-Ion batteries can be very dangerous if you do not apply proper battery safety when using and charging your batteries or vape machine.

Regular maintenance: you should inspect your batteries on a very regular basis, what you are looking for is that your battery wrap (the plastic coating on the outside of your battery) is fully intact with no gouges or tears in it. If your battery wrap is not in perfect condition, you run the risk of the battery shorting out and starting a fire.

What should you do if you see there is an issue with your battery wrap? Simply stop using and or charging the battery until the battery wrap is replaced, you can bring your battery to Vape Vault and we will replace the wrap for free.

You should always inspect for bad dents in your battery, these can be caused by dropping the battery or by doing up the battery cap to tight on your Vape and has caused the top to dent in. This can upset the chemistry inside your battery which can lead to shorts creating fires.

If there are bad dents upon your inspection then you should stop using and or charging your battery, buy a new one and dispose of your old battery safely. All Vape Vault stores have a safety disposable drop off point inside their stores.

Using the correct battery: there are many retailers that sell Lithium-Ion batteries, and they may tell you that they will be safe to use in your vape device, but most are not because they sell batteries with a low continuous current draw.

Simply put, If you buy batteries from anywhere but your local vape store you could end up with a fire starting because the battery was not supposed to be used in a vape, not all battery companies create their batteries for Vape Use!!! 

Charging: yes, there are even safe and unsafe ways to charge your batteries and your Vapes. Again, inspect your batteries for wrap tears and dents before you charge them as they can short out on the charger and create a fire without you being there and burn the house down. ALWAYS charge your vape device or batteries while you can see them or are when you are awake, by charging them at night you are leaving it unsupervised and fires could start. ALWAYS have spare batteries so you can charge them in the daytime and still have batteries to use.

Do not ever charge your batteries or vape device on your couch or any fabric/unventilated area, this can create unwanted heat and cause a fire, so always charge them on a flat surface with some breathing room. 

Weather: If its hot weather then your batteries will run hot too, allow your batteries to cool down if you find you can feel the heat coming from your batteries while using your device. Never leave your vape in a car, cars get hot and like to burn when a fire starts.

Pockets: Yeah, I just said pockets, do not ever carry batteries in your pockets, handbags, wallets, bumbags or anywhere that can allow a button to be pushed (Most regulated vape devices have a way to lock them to prevent this) most people have keys or coins in their pockets and if your battery touches your keys of coins in the right spot it will get very hot very quick, I mean 3rd degree burns kinda really hot. So always carry your batteries in your Vape Device or in a battery case that we also sell at the stores.

Replacement: so, Lithium-Ion batteries do have a rotation life to a degree, you will find that after about 3 months your batteries will start holding charge a bit less than when you first purchased them and after about 300 cycles they will hold charge a lot less. The chemistry in the battery starts to get strained and we would recommend buying new batteries every 12 months so that minimal issues arise when you are using them. Remember you use these batteries every day and rely on them to get you through your day of vaping, so it is better if you do it safely by changing them over once they are old. 

 LAST THOUGHTS: Battery safety is easy to stay on top of, remember that our staff have heaps of knowledge on this subject so please ask questions about it if you need to know more about safety. We want your vape journey to be enjoyable and safe.