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Pods Warning

How long will my pods last?

The general expectation we have of pods is around 1-2 weeks. This is not a guarantee, and can be affected heavily by the below factors, so avoid these where you can:

  • Super sweet juice: gunks your pods / coils as sweetener does not fully vapourise in coils, US and Malaysian juices are hefty culprits here
  • Inappropriately high PG or high VG:
    • Pod mods above 20w: aim for 70% or more VG
    • Pods (not pod mods): 50/50 to 60 VG / 40 PG is about right
    • These are just guidelines, not all devices are the same.
  • Excessive dust and dirt entering pods - keep your vape in the cleanest possible place you can, stash it so the drip tip and airflow are blocked from picking up any nasties in transit
  • Too high or too low wattage - check the pod, as they often have recommended wattages on the side you can reference to adjust to
    • If it's too hot or too cold at the recommended wattage, try a different pod: there's usually one in each range you'll like
  • Coil left used and dry or soaked without use in the tank / pod
    • Cotton loses its freshness over time, and there is no coil that can go a few months saturated or dry while exposed to air that will taste fresh
    • If you don't plan to vape it within around a month or so, empty the pod of juice and coil (if you can), and leave it until you're ready to vape again
  • Firing pods as soon as they're filled - we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes after filling your pod just to make sure your cotton is saturated fully

How do you know when your pod is dead?

  • Burnt or muted flavour
  • Pod is leaking excessively (i.e. not condensating a little, but liquid drops or is 'pouring')
  • Device cannot detect pod anymore (a.k.a. shorted)
  • Cotton within pod is black or blackening heavily (tiny pieces of black can be okay upon first use, that's remnants of the organic cotton itself)

My pod isn't working or connecting?

  • Check the base of the pod / pod mod, there may be some lines or guidance indicating where the pod fits securely
  • When you get a fresh pod (that takes a coil), we highly recommend unscrewing and rescrewing the coil out and back into the pod to ensure a proper connection is made
  • Make sure you're using a coil compatible with your pod mod's wattage, too low a wattage won't heat the coil enough to produce vapor at all
  • Occassionally you may get a dud pod or coil that has not been built properly, let us know on the below email and we'll do our best to make it right

Got a question not listed here? Shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help:


Not all pods are vapeable straight out of the box (i.e. empty pods that contain no coils). Please observe each listing carefully, as the What's in the box section will always inform you what you are and are not getting with the purchase of an item.

One final word: please take careful note of the pods you are buying. If you unseal a pod out of its packet and they don't fit your device we cannot accept a return for any of them. If you're not sure what you're purchasing please ask!