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Sub Zero Disposable Vape

$45.00 AUD
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Iced Mango Blackcurrant: Filled with Sub-Zero Ice Mango Blackcurrant, the scrumptious fruitiness of Malay mango with the classic sweetness of blackcurrants, intertwined with a deep icy intense sensation!!  

Ice Watermelon: Filled with Sub-Zero Ice Watermelon, refreshing, juicy watermelon with Sub-Zero's renowned ice-cool finish! Malaysian-style.

Ice Strawberry Apple: Filled with Sub-Zero Ice Strawberry Apple, a serious strawberry punch entangled with an icy apple twist!!
Ice Grape: Filled with Sub-Zero Ice Grape, an exotic sweetness of purple grapes fused with an icy menthol hit!

The 8000 Puff Device, from Sub-Zero, features a 650mah battery capable of fast charging rapidly via USB-Type C port.  The Sub-Zero Disposable also has adjustable airflow (valve located on the bottom), a 1.2-ohm Mesh coil, and a huge 20ml capacity. 

To clarify false advertising made by the manufacturers of the product, when purchased it comes with 12ml of non-nicotine liquid and space for you to add your own nicotine. These devices are refillable.