Mystery Vault Box
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Mystery Vault Box

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Welcome to your Mystery Vault Box, Traveller!

For all of history Vape Vault has never come across a Vault that we can't crack.

Well until now that is.

We present to you the Mystery Box! After many weeks of hard drilling, our dig team have given up....So now it's up to you, please let us know what's in it!

So what's in the box?
Between 70 Different participating vendors no box will be the same...and every box will be nothing short of amazing, These are all picked at random by our Vault Crew.

Regular Size
1 x 30ml RTV 
2 x 100ml RTV 
1 x 120ml RTV
Large Size
2 x 30ml RTV 
3x 100ml RTV 
1x 120ml RTV


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