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Thanks for purchasing from Vape Vault, Your newly purchased vape device comes with a 12-month warranty but there are some procedures to follow:
~ If there is an issue with your vape device under no circumstance are you to try fix it yourself, please bring your vape device back to Vape Vault with your receipt and all original packaging (including outer sleeve of the box and the USB cables).
~ If your receipt and the original packaging of the device does not accompany your vape device Vape Vault reserves the right to deny warranty.
~ Your vape device warranty covers manufacture failure only, your warranty does not cover if you've dropped, drowned or your dog chewed your device.
~ Charging your vape device: If your vape device has a built in battery we recommend using the charge cable provided in the package. If your vape device uses replaceable batteries we recommend purchasing an external charger to charge your batteries because it is unsafe to use the USB port in your mod
~ Ports on a device that requires external batteries to work are only warranted for 30 days. An external lithium charger is recommeneded to balance charge batteries.
*If you live outside of Townsville and need to claim warranty on your device, please email us using the contact us page and we will help you out.
If you are asked to post back the device, please make sure you also send the box the device came in along with any outer sleeves it had (the outersleeve is very important for you to claim your warranty).
It is your responsibility to post back the item and to send us a tracking number to prove you have posted it. If the parcel is lost in postage and you have not provided us with a tracking number we will not be held responable and you will not receive your warranty. 
Refunds: Postage is not refunded. Only the product, this includes if we ask you to post your product back.