Free Express Shipping on all orders $99.00 or over within Australia
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All our online orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or Monday will be shipped out the following Tuesday when our Warehouse (Garbutt) is open.

All our parcels are shipped with Australia Post.

*We do not ship to South Australia.. talk to your governement about that*

Please keep in mind once your parcel is with Australia Post it belongs to Australia Post until it is delivered to the receiver. 

If you have any concerns with your parcel you can email, facebook or call us and we will help you as much as we can. But most of the time once it is with Australia Post it is up to Australia post not us to sort out your parcel. 

All our non wholesale parcels within Australia are express posted. We charge $12 for postage if your order is less then $99.00. This is to help cover not only the postage to you but we also insure every parcel and all have signature on delivery.All orders over $99 are insured and require signature also but we offer free postage for such big orders. 

Why do we insure and get your parcels signed?

This just stops parcels either getting stolen from being left at your front door and also covers us if Australia post loose the parcel. 

Why is my parcel taking longer then over night if it's express?

Even though Australia Post guarantee over night delivery, we don't!! Townsville is what they like to class as a "Rural Town" meaning we are so far from the "Capital"(Brisbane) we are rural. So unless you live in Townsville or the close surrounding area's your parcel can take from 2 to 5 Business Days depending on where you are. We do endeavour to make sure parcel gets to you as soon as possible but it's just one of those things that is out of our control.  

Why is there a quarantine sticker on my parcel?

Even though these quarantine stickers look real, it's not. The sticker is just for a bit of fun to make your box look like it has come from the depths of the Vault (Vape Vault). So don't panic you package hasn't been tampered with by us... the sticker is there just for fun .. sometime our sense of humor is a bit dry. 

I'm an international customer what's the deal with my postage?

We do ship internationally but not everywhere, the best way to see if we do ship to you is to make up your cart of items you would like to purchase go through check out and fill out the details.. If you can't see your Country, State, or place of living contact us and we can discuss shipping options.. usually if you can't see it it's because we don't know about it. There are so many places in the world it's hard to keep up with all of them...we try out best tho. 

Our international shipping prices are below:

New Zealand 

Standard: $35.00 Can take up to 4 weeks to be delivered

Express: $50.00 Can take up to 6 business days at most. Usually 4 to be delivered. 

Rest of the world that's not Australia or New Zealand

Standard: $50.00 Can take up to 4 weeks to be delivered.

Express: $100.00 Can Take up to 1 Week to be delivered. 

My parcel hasn't moved in a week whats the deal?

With international shipping also comes international customs, and once your parcel has left our customs and has left our borders it's up to your customs if it goes that way. 

If it hasn't moved in a week or so and your unsure you can contact us through the Contact us page and we will help you out as much as we can. But if we say you need to call your customs service or your postal service that means we can't do anything from our end apart from tell you where it was last scanned. We can help you find the right contact numbers or email address for your postal/customs services but  once it's out of our country it's all up to you!!! 

My parcel is stuck at customs! Why? 

Generally when you buy online from a shop your country or place will want to charge import taxes (Yes don't worry we have them too but that's another story) so if you find out your parcel has been scanned at a customs service of some sort and has just been sitting there for days. contact them!!! They'll have information to tell you but they want you to call them!