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Common Vaping Terms

  Ready to Vape (RTV) - means that the juice comes in a bottle totally full and usually mixed at 70%VG 30%PG, if you vape using either freebase or nicotine salts you will need to add the correct amount to the bottle. You can do this by using a nicotine calculator. (easy mix nicotine will not work with RTV) 

   Doubler- means that the bottle will come half full and the base will be mixed at 50%VG 50%PG unless stated otherwise, the beauty of this is that you can add your own easy mix nicotine,VG and PG to the correct ratio that you like to vape at by filling the other half with your required base.

   PG or Propylene Glycol - Is a base product used in ejuice and flavour concentrates, it is a very watery consistencyand gives more throat hit. Most tanks and RDA's work best is the PG% is around 30% of your total ejuice mix.

   VG or Vegetable Glycerine - Is the other part of your ejuice base, it is much thicker in consistency and makes your ejuice smoother and creates more cloud, most tanks and RDA's like the VG% to be around 70% of your total ejuice mix.

   Nicotine - In Australia it is illegal to buy nicotine within the country so this means that all of our juices do not contain nicotine. as of 1st July 2020 it is illegal to import nicotine into the country also. 

MTL - Mouth to Lung This term is commonly used when describing a vaporiser that has a similar draw to a cigarette, draw into your mouth then into your lungs. The air flow of your MTL atomiser is tight and restricted to help achieve this affect and help people begin their vaping journey.

DTL- Direct to Lung This is used to describe another style of vaping that has a lot more air flow coming through the atomiser. Instead of drawing your vapour into your mouth before inhaling to your lungs, this style is breathing it straight into your lungs giving you more vapour. This can allow more flavour to be produced and you can make your vape warmer as well.

Sub Ohm - This term refers to the coils you use. Anything that is lest than 1 ohm in resistance is classed as sub ohm for example 0.5 ohms is sub ohm where 1.8 ohms is not. This will affect the power output your coil can handle but if you are ever unsure, it is written on the coil as to what ohms it is and what power it can handle

Mod - This term is used to describe your battery section of your device. It's main use is when you have a device that has adjustable wattage however any battery section whether it is adjustable or not can be referred to by this term.

 Juice - This is just another name for the liquid that you will be vaping on. It can be also be referred to as E-liquid or vape Juice but the most common term for it is juice.

RDA -  Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser. These don't have a storage or tank section to store your juice in, you have to keep topping it up after about half a dozen vapes. You have to install your own coils and cotton in there but this will ultimately give you the best flavour available when it comes to vaping.

RDTA - Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser. Just like the RDA's you have to put in your own coils and cotton, but these have your tank section to store your juice in.

RSA - Rebuildable Squonking Atomiser. These are another from of RDA however these have a hollowed out 510 pin to allow juice to flow through from your Squonk mod. You will also have to install your own handmade coils and cotton but these will give you the same flavour as an RDA with the ability to feed juice up through the bottom instead of dripping it through the drip tip.

Squonk - This term refers to a specific type of mod. The mod itself has a bottle built in to it which you then fill up with juice and when you squeeze the bottle, it will feed the juice up through the device and into an RDA or RSA that will be on top of it. Keep in mind however that in order to use this type of device, you need an RDA that is squonk compatible. This means that the 510 pin will need replacing with the squonk pin the most RDA's come with.

Mech- short for mechanical There is no computer chip in these devices and it is basically a metal tube with a battery inside of it. These mods need a lot of research into them before purchasing. You need to know battery safety and especially ohms law. If you are to purchase one in store, we offer a complete tutorial into using mechanical mods for beginners but the more research you do the better experience you will get.