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Meet the Vault Crew

Meet the owners: Rob and Georgia Adams. 
Rob started vaping in 2014 to get off those stinky ciggies, it took him a while as we kept going from smoking to vaping back and forth but in his own time he stopped smoking and stuck with vaping ... now he'll never give up the vape. Robs background begins with a trade in carpentry but loves the retail world, he owned Game Traders Townsville for those who remember what that used to be, Drove Taxi's for a few years and then decided he wanted to turn his new hobby of vaping into a business. Rob loves to have a chat and get to know people and is well knowledged in all our products. 
Georgia picked up the vape to stop smoking when she was having those social drinks with mates, you wont see her much down at the shops but thats because she's the background wicked witch of the Vault who has her head in the computer working on our websites, office paperwork, policies, procedures and anything else paperwork related. She has come from a small country called New Zealand but has made Australia her home, her background is retail and administration as well as a bit of home taught computer programing. 
Kirwan Store Manager: Tim 
Tim comes with a background in IT and retail sales, He had his own small computer store for a few years but enjoys the aspect of retail a bit more. He started vaping not long after starting part time with us mainly to try all of the different flavours of juices we have. He never smoked but likes to be the tester for flavours we look at stocking in our stores.
Tims Favourites:
Device: A mechanical mod called the Deathwish Plague Doctor because it puts out a smooth delivery and intense flavour when vaping.
Atomizer: Dead Rabbit RTA - Tim finds it has the best flavour hit he has experienced from a rebuildable tank and very easy to use. 
Juice: Fair Grounds by Met4. The blend of rich vanilla, cream and cake base combined together for an awesome sweet flavour. 
Garbutt Store manager: Josh 
Josh started with a trade in house painting straight after he left school and also had a go in warehousing. This is where he started vaping back in 2015, he was instantly hooked and turned his hobby into his career.
Josh's favourites:
Device: The NLPWN Lipo by Unit mods this beasty machine can hit out 300 Watts of power. 
Atomizer: The Voltrove V3 35mm RTA, out of all the rta's he has used this is the best for flavour plus 16mls of capacity for juice is an added bonus. 
Juice: Grape soda & Red vs Blue. I just like how authentic they keep to their profile. Grape soda is exactly what it says it is and red vs blue gives you every element of a jam doughnut. Jammy, crispy and cinnamony, exactly what i would expect it to be like.
This is Dev, At the ripe age of 17 Dev joined the army and spent 11 years in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport, posting between Townsville and Melbourne. Apon discharge he spent a few years in public transport before a brief stint in the mines, after that he spent 9 years in the waste industry operating vaccum tankers, In 2019 he took the full-time position at Vape Vault. He began vaping back in 2015 as a quit smoking aid the turned into a hobby of collecting some limited edition mech mods and also moved into coil building with a range of coils (Dev's Coils) available at Vape Vault.  
Dev's Favourties: 
Device: Topside Dual Carbon - I love squonks mainly dual battery as i prefer to vape above 100watts. 
Atomizer: QP Kali - Great flavour and nice deep well for squonking. 
Juice: Tigers Milk and Double Custard Creme Brule - Tigers Milk for fruits, not an overpowering mango with a nice peach. Double Custard Creme Brule - simply an on point custard dessert. 
Meet Dev's Wife Nicole, She has always worked in the retail industry, has done a small amount of hospitality work. She started vaping to keep off the smokes, she had already quit but would still have one if someone around her was smoking. 
Nicole's Favourites: 
Device: Evdilo - It is a simple device to use, it also has a great battery life. 
Atomizer: Fatality - Flavour on this atty is awesome. It has it's flaws with leaking but once you sort them out it works a treat. 
Juice: Desserts - I like my dessert juices especially the strawberry flavoured ones. 

This is Steve, Before working at Vape Vault he was in the RAAF for 8 years, he has 2 boys and an amazing wife. Steve started vaping about 6 years ago. He was concerened for his health and the price of "darbs" back then was hitting the back pocket. "I want to be around in good health for my family so I gave vaping and go, 6 years on, my health has improved, I don't stink of durries and I have made many good friends through vaping." New and seasoned vapers are spoilt for choice now, the devices have come along way since he started vaping. 

Steve's Favourties:

Device: Kennedy Vindicator - I love mech mods and the kennedy is a quality and solid hit of a hit. 

Atomizer: Kennedy RDA and QP Design Gata RTA - Kennedy Rda's are simple and flavourful, The QP Gata in direct to lung mode is a nice smooth restricted vape. Plenty of flavour from it. I use the Gata out and about and Drippers at home.

Juice: Chilled Fruits and Desserts - Chilled fruits are light and refreshing. My picks are Frozen Snozzberry, Grape Soda Ice and Unobtainium. Desserts are great with coffee to kick start the day. Saloon Juice Creme Brule Plus Vape Vault's Donuts are devine.