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 Welcome to Vape Vault

   Hi I'm Rob, Owner/Operator of Vape Vault. I took up vaping in early 2015, threw away the stinky smokes and never looked back, I turned vaping into a bit of a hobby in the end.

In March 2016 I started a small vape business in Townsville QLD selling local Australian made juices and decided that I would go national with a new brand and so Vape Vault was born.

What does Vape Vault do?

I felt Australia needed some different ways to buy vape gear so I thought up the idea of the Vault Box which is a collection of juices put together in one retail box that the customer will receive at a discounted rate for buying in bulk. Each Vault Box will come with our with a fully branded box and menu sheet (plus all the juice of course) and all juices contained in the Vault Box have been sourced from leading brands in Australia and all over the world like America, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand and more.

By doing the Vault Box this way our customers know what they're buying, will only receive top quality product and no locked in subscriptions.

You may see a bit of satire thrown around with Vape Vault because we really want to give our customers the feeling of adventure, so be ready to have some fun.

Vape Vault is not all about Vault Boxes though as we also stock the whole range of juices featured in Vault Box plus a massive range of ejuice that can be simply purchased on their own at different sizes. We also stock a large range of hardware from leading brands from all over the world, so Vape Vault can literally be your one stop vape store.

We have employed 6 local Townsvillians who all have extrodinary knowledge about vaping and all have their own vape stories to tell and they are ready to help you out!!!