Dinner Lady Disposable Vapes
Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Disposable Vapes

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Dinner Lady Vape Pen combines convenience and comfort with high-level technology to create an affordable yet luxurious vaping experience.
KEY FEATURES. A one-of-a-kind disposable device, the Dinner Lady Vape Pen is exclusive yet affordable and provides a high-quality vape without complicated setups or concerns about replacements. To guarantee a flawless vape with elegant aesthetics, it counts with the following features. Pre-charged and ready to use.A slim and elegant aluminium design with an exclusive metallic finish.Beautiful colour range that match the selected flavour.A comfortable and ergonomic mouthpiece to prevent leaks.A sizeable built-in tank with inner capacity of 1.5ml of e-liquid, which provides up to 400 puffs.High-quality coil with premium, organic cotton.A powerful battery of 300mAh.PACK SIZES. For your comfort.


Banana Ice: A creamy banana ice cream with touches of vanilla. 

Citrus Ice:A mouth-puckering blend of lemon, lime, and orange with a touch of koolada to freeze your senses.

Fruit Mix: Fruit Mix: A complex blend of citric fruits, currants, grapes, and red berries enhanced with koolada for a cooling experience.

Lemon Sherbets: 

A tasty and tart lemon sherbet turned cold with koolada. 

Strawberry Ice: A refreshing vape with strawberry and vanilla cream notes, enhanced with koolada for a chilling touch. 

Bubble Gum Ice (Coming soon):Bubblegum Ice: The traditional bubble-gum sweetness made refreshing with koolada. 


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