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Mechanical Vapes

 These vapes do not have any built-in safety, that means you need to know what to look for and how to build your atomiser to be within the safe use measures for the batteries you are using. To work out what coils will suit your battery you must first ask the retailer what continuous amp draw the battery can handle, once you know this then you can purchase the correct coils and do some sums on Ohms Law.  So, if you Mech is a single battery mech it produces 4Volts divide 4 buy the Ohm coils you want to buy, so 4 divided by 0.15 ohms = 26…. The 26 is the current draw so if the battery you have has a continuous current draw of 26AMPs or about then that build is safe. Apply this formula to a dual battery Mech in series gives you 8Volts divide by say 0.3ohms = 26 again, notice I also had to increase the Ohms to keep this build is the safe area. You can also type Ohms Law Calculator into Google and use that for an easy-to-use calculator. If you build to low with ohms and is drawing to much from your battery you run the risk of burning yourself and starting a fire. Also, battery wrap tears can be much worse if you are using a Mechanical Device as the second you create a short in your device your Mech can heat up and burn you within seconds or worse explode with fire. We recommend you speak to your retailer if you are unsure about anything Ohms Law and Mechanical use before you buy a Mech


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